InVisionIR - Respect. Proven. Experienced.

Why InVisionIR

Timely positioning – and repositioning – companies with major institutional investors / analysts and retail investors in various sectors globally

Strategic counsel on capital raising initiatives and corporate acquisitions

Guarding corporate reputation, rebranding and strengthening corporate image across multiple domestic and international markets during historical market events

Calling on diverse experiences and expertise gained in various finance, accounting and M&A positions over 20-plus year career

Seasoned, Well-Respected Professionals - Led by experienced professionals who have flourished throughout the volatile market cycles over the last 20 years

Dedicated Premium Support - With tireless dedication and support by our senior executives, we will execute and guide you every step of the way in building a successful and credible Investor Relations and Corporate Communications program.

Network of Excellence - Our network of excellence is unparalleled in harnessing multi-disciplined experience and expertise to offer a powerful combination of advisory services that is unique in the industry.

  • Improved communication with the financial community; diversified domestic and international investor base and increased equity and debt research coverage in multiple industries.
  • Brought to the executive team of a $10 billion commercial real estate finance leader the ability to build and strengthen alliances, to manage public perception and expectations, and to maximize support of the business during a critical cycle in the financial markets.
  • Expanded and strengthened alliances with new and existing investors and increased communication with the financial community during one of the most challenging financial markets in history.
  • Designed, organized and launched investor relations programs resulting in record-setting initial public offerings (Lucent Technologies 1996; Corvis Corporation 2000).
  • Developed and implemented Lucent Technologies' individual and retail shareholder marketing program. Program helped increase individual ownership of Lucent stock by 9% in 18-month period. As a result, the program was recognized as one of the most innovative and successful in the industry.
  • Expanded individual stock ownership of Lucent Technologies stock in the European Community by developing and implementing a highly successful and industry-first European Retail Marketing Program. Several blue-chip companies since replicated this program.
  • Selected securities transfer agent who serviced approximately two million registered accounts; negotiated unprecedented level of performance and protection for securities transfer agent contract; terms of the agreement established the highest quality standards for the securities transfer industry.
  • Succeeded in clearly and succinctly conveying to investors, press, media and industry analysts the benefits of advanced and complex fiber optical networking technologies over that of peer competitors.
  • Investor Relations Magazine nominated the Corvis IR program for "The Best Investor Relations Program for an Initial Public Offering" for the year 2000.
  • Developed innovative dividend reinvestment and direct stock purchase plans.
  • Counseled senior management on positioning of corporate growth strategy with current and potential investors, employees and customers, and served as the "reality check" between investors and management.
  • During one of the worst financial crises on record, counseled and collaborated with senior management in raising over $8 billion of new capital including unsecured, secured and convertible debt, trust preferreds and equity, restructuring $4 billion of unsecured and secured debt.
  • Led a series of re-branding, acquisition communication and other growth-focused efforts before the market meltdown began in earnest in mid 2007.
  • Completely reworked corporate messaging and positioning with key investor and media contacts; re-engineered the Investor Relations, Public Relations and Marketing functions virtually "on the fly" following Corvis' Corporations acquisition of Broadwing Communications.
  • Served as primary media spokesperson and key contact for financial analysts and industry influentials including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Barron's, Newsweek and a number of national, international and regional publications.
  • Managed all IR/PR/Marketing/Advertising initiatives aimed at guarding and evolving the company's reputation and brand, and delivered consistently high-quality investor and marketing communications, materials and events.
  • Spearheaded crisis response teams in countering misinformation within the investment, press, media and industry analyst communities.
  • Able to understand and continually communicated complex accounting treatments to investors.
  • Developed, researched and wrote all corporate presentations, news releases, conference call scripts and financial information for dissemination to investors.
  • Managed financial planning for two major, international strategic business initiatives. Led financial contract negotiations and structured financials to create a joint development venture between AT&T and Sharp Corporation of Japan to develop next generation consumer videophone technology. Provided financial expertise to the contract negotiations and due diligence process for the sale of two Far East manufacturing operations. The first deal was in Singapore involving the net book value of assets; the second was in Indonesia and was based on a stock purchase. (AT&T Consumer Products)
  • Developed and implemented business, product, and market finance plans for a ~$100 million global information services business. (AT&T/NCR)
  • Developed a functional international business planning and assumptions model that provided a consistent source of economic forecasts to assist in planning annual budgets, developing business plans, analyzing business cases, drafting proposals and negotiating contracts. (AT&T)
  • Responsible for line of business income statement modeling and analysis, reporting monthly results, developing business cases and providing pricing analysis. (AT&T EasyLink Services)
  • Experienced in monthly book close activities, including actual versus budget analysis and conducting voucher audits. (AT&T Consumer Communications Services)
  • Managed collection, completion and reporting of monthly revenue results. (AT&T Billing Operations)