InVisionIR - Respect. Proven. Experienced.

"It is rare to find an IR person that is so knowledgeable about the financial, operational and legal nuances of a company. It is amazing how much knowledge he had of the business and how actively involved he was in the higher level discussions. Very rare for an IR person. "
- Michael Kim, CRT Capital Group LLC

"As head of IR/PR (among many other functions), Andy was invaluable to our investment process. "
- NY-Based Institutional Investors / Portfolio Managers

"Andy is a proven IR professional, with vast experience and extensive relationships that are critical to executing any successful communications strategy."
- Rick Bakosh – Global Managing Director at Accenture

"Andy is one of the best IR executives in the industry; his ability to synthesize and convey complex information to an audience, as well as support the creation and communication of corporate strategy initiatives is unmatched."
- Richard Sawchuck – Senior VP and CFO, Paradigm Holdings, Inc.

"Andy worked tirelessly to ensure that investors, analysts and the financial media understood what was really going on at the company, sometimes despite what the GAAP financials reflected."
- Nicholas Radesca - Chief Financial Officer, Solar Capital LTD; Former Chief Accounting Officer, iStar Financial

"Andy was critical in developing and articulating the Corvis value proposition to the investment community. During the many stressful days preparing for the IPO, Andy remained focused, calm and was a real asset to the entire process."
- Sonu Mirchandani President at Business Networks Group, Inc

"Andy's guidance regarding investor communications and messaging is extraordinary."
- David Mace Roberts, Associate General Counsel at Samsung Telecommunications America

"Andy has the perfect balance of left and right brain, which makes him a highly successful IRO. He is well connected and respected in investor relations."
- Liz Kline, Principal and Vice President Account Services and New Business Development, Eisenberg And Associates